NVG OrganicSearch™

Is an extremely effective marketing solution that will have your website dominating the map and organic section of major search engines. All of our SEO campaigns include keyword research, link building, optimization updates, ranking reports and ongoing phone consultation.

Starting at $350.00 per month (determined by market area)
(Includes FREE NVG LocalList™ Service)

NVG LocalBrand™

Is a cost-effective Internet advertising solution that gets your name in front of consumers in your area who are ready to make a purchase. NVG LocalBrand™ puts your ads on Google the most popular search engine in the world, an extensive range of powerful local directories and some of the worlds most used websites (New York Times, CNN, Popular Mechanics, Wall St. Journal, etc…). That’s over 98% of where consumers are searching online.

Starting at $395.00 per month

NVG Remarketing™

This is our advertising technology that re-targets consumers who have shown interest in your business. When consumers leave your site, they are re-marketed with your ads as they surf the Web, reminding them of your brand and driving them back to your site.

Starting at $295.00 per month

NVG LocalList™

A quick and easy way to get your business listing to appear in local search results and listed in hundreds of local online directories, such as Google® Maps and Yahoo!® Local.

$149.95 per month

Website Design Packages:

All web sites are mobile/responsive


Additional Services: (available upon request)

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • E-Commerce Solutions
  • Web Hosting
  • Domain Acquisition

If additional services are needed please contact us for a quote.