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We simply get you more customers…

…calling your phone number, submitting information to you via a form on your website, or walking through your front door!

  • We work to create a powerful web presence for your local business to get you more customers.
  • We use the latest marketing techniques available on the Internet today!
  • We increase your exposure online where people are searching for local businesses!
  • When people are looking for your product or service, we get your company found everywhere!… search engines, local business directories, social media sites, mobile sevices, and even non Internet devices such as in-car GPS devices and 411 directory services.

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The phone book is dead and local online search is exploding. Unless you have an Online Marketing Team that is focused on getting your company on the first page for targeted keywords relative to your business, then you’re not even in the game.

There can be no doubt that the race to the first page is on and it’s obvious that getting onto the first page is more critical than ever. Each day that goes by, the effort to rank on the 1st page of Google, Bing & Yahoo increases exponentially – making it more difficult to obtain 1st page ranking and create online success. Now is the time to invest in Online Marketing for your business while you still can.

It is important to understand that the vast majority of people are using the Internet like they used to use phone books, They search for a category (i.e. Dallas Dentist), look for information that attracts their attention (i.e. the first page of Google) then they take action either by making a phone call or visiting a website. What they will not do is call your business if you’re not on the first page but they will call your competition. Net Visibility Group knows how people search, where people are searching, and how to create and manage websites that get found.
We generate new customers by driving traffic to your website and by getting your business listings found across the Internet.  The traffic we increase to your website is defined in our monthly reports.  We hope that the increase in phone calls and business will be enough to quantify our efforts, but our reports will indicate where every hit to your website came from and which search phrase was used. With Net Visibility Group you’ll know exactly how your marketing dollars are affecting your bottom line.

Our reports show how we increase traffic to your website in three distinct ways as indicated below.

Expand each section below to better understand the different types of website traffic and how Net Visibility Group can help you increase them.


There are two kinds of SEARCH TRAFFIC
2 – PAID


Google, Yahoo and Bing each have organic listings. These are listings on search engine results pages that appear because of their relevance to the search terms as opposed to their being advertisements.  The organic section of a search results page is the largest section as indicated in the illustration.  Since people search differently for the same thing, it is then imperative that your website be recognized as relevant for as many different search phrases as possible.

For example, a plumbing contractor in Atlanta Georgia, would want their website to rank (appear on the first page) for not only the different products or services that they offer but for as many different combinations of words related to a particular product or service. A business will a have a substantially greater chance of generating new customers if they are listed for search phrases like Atlanta plumbers, plumbers in Atlanta, plumbing contractors Atlanta GA, plumbing companies Atlanta Georgia, and the hundreds of variations of search phrases related to just plumbing. Now consider water heaters, clogged drains, leaky faucets, etc… and you begin to see how generating organic search traffic can be difficult.

At Net Visibility Group we are experts in generating high quality organic search traffic based on your industry and your competition. We have years of experience making companies just like yours highly visible everywhere and in every way your customers might search.

Net Visibility Group’s  NVG OrganicSearch™ product does exactly this.  It is designed to get your website in the top ten ORGANIC section of GOOGLE and other search engines for hundreds of combinations of search phrases related to your products or services.  We do the research, determine which phrases are the most used that relate directly to what you do and we work on your website or create a new one to get you listed on the 1st page ORGANIC section.

See the case study below for a detailed example of the hundreds of different organic searches we were able to get this client ranked for.

See Storage Facility: Case Study #128
See – Example Search Phrases in Top Ten for our Storage Facility Client


Paid search is an Internet advertising model used to direct traffic to websites, where advertisers pay only when the ad is clicked on. With search engines, advertisers typically bid on keyword phrases relevant to their target market. Ads are displayed when a keyword query matches an advertiser’s keyword list. Such advertisements are called sponsored links or sponsored ads and appear in the sponsored section adjacent to or above the organic results on search engine results pages.

This model allows an advertiser to have more control over their advertising campaigns and their target market. However, it lacks the long term stability of an NVG OrganicSearch™ campaign.  With paid search there are also many advantages that you don’t get with NVG OrganicSearch™. Typically, a website can start receiving high quality traffic almost instantly. You can be in the NUMBER ONE position of the sponsored section of a search every day if you’d like. You can control when, where, and to whom your ads are targeted by defining the time, geographic scope and demographics of the audience you are looking to attract.

Net Visibility Group’s NVG LocalBrand™ is a paid management service designed to get your ads displayed in the sponsored section of Google and across the Google Display Network.


Paid search management is much more than simply setting up an account, building a few ads, and letting them run on auto-pilot.  A high quality management service provides ongoing monitoring and maintenance of your campaign and optimization of your  account.  The price you pay per click is determined by how well your campaign as a whole is optimized.  The primary objective of NVG LocalBrand™ is to immediately increase your company’s traffic and branding while keeping your costs low. Poor management can drain your advertising budget with irrelevant visitors that will not convert to new customers. With years of experience and Google certification, Net Visibility Group can design a very effective campaign for you and have ads in front of your customers typically within a few days. Website traffic is useless without leads that turn into sales. We’ll make sure that you aren’t spending money on advertising you don’t need.


Referral traffic comes from other websites (not search engines) that link to your website.  It would be safe to say that the more links that you have to your website, the more referral traffic you would generate.

Net Visibility Group’s NVG LocalList™ product increases referral traffic to your website by putting your company listing in hundreds of the most popular online directories, mobile apps, and Internet connected GPS systems.  Our proprietary system allows us to standardize your business information across the entire Internet, and search engines love consistency. We simply get you listed and make sure that you are listed properly.  NVG LocalList™ allows you to change your listing information across the Internet as often as needed to keep your information current and up to date.


Direct traffic is produced by someone typing your domain name directly into the address bar of a web browser and going directly to your website. Some examples would be an ad on TV displaying your website name, a newspaper ad, billboard, phone book ad, etc). Direct traffic can also be generated by people bookmarking your website.

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