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Beat The Competition With Content Strategies

Finding someone more successful than you, especially when you’re involved in a similar business, means they are doing something you aren’t.

They could be using different advertisement strategies like content marketing which is common due to the increased use of the internet. You can use the following techniques to develop a competitive advantage.

Make URLs Shorter

Something as simple as a short URL can significantly impact your venture. It helps you acquire new leads and promote brand awareness to keep you ahead of the competition. In addition, it increases your chances of ranking better in search engines. It would be best if you kept your URLs between 60-70 characters long. Most top-ranked URLs are even shorter, with up to 50 characters.

Use The Content that The Competitor Has Ignored

There are different types of content marketing, for instance,

  • Infographics
  • EBooks
  • Testimonials and reviews
  • Blog posts


You need to study the method being used by your competitor carefully. If you notice that they only rely on written content, consider other approaches, probably better than theirs. Opt for more interactive methods like videos and animations because they engage customers more than static ones.

Think of a Better Title

Just as headlines are essential to ads, titles attract people to your website. Therefore, ensure you have chosen the best title before publishing or promoting your content. It plays a “break or makes a point” in the success of content marketing. You can establish an instant rapport with potential customers with a suitable title. Be very creative with your title as much as possible. Use things like questions or a controversial topic.

Readability Drives Traffic

Often, readability makes a significant difference between average and great content. Customers are likely to ignore content that is tedious to get through. Ensure you have skilled writers to publish content that is simple and understandable by everyone. Use bullet points to break up your content, or format it using a list. Another way to make it readable is by using short paragraphs and sentences.

Improve The Structure of Your Content

Clients visit your website intending to find information. This should be your main goal to help them find it. Users should easily find what they are looking for when searching for information. They need the answers right away. So avoid unnecessary data on your page and be direct to the point. Furthermore, consider diversifying your format based on your target audience. It makes it understandable to every audience.

The Need For Speed

Customers don’t have all the time to keep on searching for content. All they want is easily accessible information. Research shows that 4 in every 10 readers will likely leave your page if it loads for more than 3 seconds. Also, the slower your site takes to load, the lower the conversion rate; every second spent when loading translates to a 7 percent decrease in conversion rates. Using the smallest-sized images will help you boost the speed.

Use Bigger Fonts

Fonts capture the perception and feelings of customers. They don’t have time or read the scripts or use magnifying glasses to read the content. So, invest in bigger, more attractive, eye-catching fonts that drive clients to your website. In addition, words presented in bigger font sizes are considered more memorable. Averagely, the top-ranked websites use a 15.8 pixels font size.

Use Professional Photos

In content marketing, you should try original and high-quality photos. Avoid the stock images because they seem unauthentic and may appear out of touch. Most of them are not created for the specific purpose you have in mind. Use your smartphone to capture your desired photographs. It’s easier and cheaper.

Make It More Visual

Visuals significantly boost engagement since they’re processed faster than written information. On average, ninety percent of transmitted data is usually visual. For instance, tweets with images on Twitter are retweeted 150 percent more than ones without images. Invest more in visual content to attract viewers to your page.

Make Your Content Linkable and Sharable

Websites with a top SEO rank have more links and shares than their competitors. Consider adding more links and shares to your site to make it more appealing and attractive to potential clients.

Content is an essential part of marketing. It’s the most valuable asset on your webpage. Use the above tips to create better content. They will result in more traffic to your website.


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