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Our Web Development Technologies

Your business’s online presence has many facets that must be fully and expertly developed. After all, your website is a comprehensive marketing tool that directly affects your brand’s reputation, online sales revenue, the user experience and more. At Net Visibility Group, our talented team of digital marketers and innovators employ their technical skills and creativity to optimize the full potential of your website.

 From our Eugene, Oregon office, we specialize in both website design and development for B2B and B2C. We cover all of the bases to drive your website. In addition to focusing on design and development, we specialize in everything from digital strategy, mobile applications and the user experience to content management, email marketing, social media and advertising. We employ the latest technologies to produce incredible results, including WordPress, NGINX, WooCommerce, Apache, MySQL, Linux, CSS, HTML5, jQuery, Javascript and PHP. What can you expect from our team?



WordPress is a powerful, open-source content management system that has evolved considerably over the years. Today, it fuels half of the world’s top 10 million websites. Our results-driven team at Net Visibility Group has more than 16 years of experience with WordPress themes and customization. WordPress offers a multitude of themes with plugin architecture. It now supports e-commerce websites, learning management systems, membership sites, media galleries, forums and mailing lists.


For e-commerce websites designed with WordPress, WooCommerce is an open-source plugin with robust capabilities. Its exciting capabilities are currently used on more than 5 million websites, and it has been downloaded more than 128 million times. Our Net Visibility Group developers optimize the full power of WooCommerce to drive conversions and enhance speed.


A database is a critical component in many websites today. It arranges data into tables and uses data types to establish relationships. A database management system is utilized to manage this structured data. Collectively, the data, the database management system and related applications are called a database.


One of the most widely-used and effective of these systems is MySQL. SQL stands for Structured Query Language. As an open-source relational DBMS, MySQL is utilized by major web applications. These include Yahoo!, Google, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. Net Visibility Group has been utilizing relational database solutions for several decades.


PHP, which is a general-purpose and server-side script language, stands for PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor. It has been specifically designed for web development and has robust capabilities. It is used to encrypt data, manage user access, collect and modify data, send and receive browser cookies, generate dynamic page content and create and alter server files. As the core software that functions over a server’s operating system, it is essential in the creation of dynamic web pages. Our experts at Net Visibility are highly proficient in all of PHP’s applications.


This JavaScript library is a flexible API that functions on most browsers. It is currently utilized by more than 80% of the world’s websites, including Netflix, IBM, Microsoft and Google. With jQuery, functions like animation, event handling, HTML manipulation and document traversal, Ajax and more are more robust. At Net Visibility Group, our developers use this versatile tool to enhance our development capabilities and to write code more efficiently.


Hypertext Markup Language, or HTML, is code used in web pages that has evolved tremendously over the years. Its fifth generation, which is called HTML5, is supported by browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera and Microsoft Edge. HTML5 is used to adjust the web pages so that they can be viewed correctly on the desired browser.

In addition to being experts in HTML5, our team at Net Visibility Group is proficient in CSS, or Cascading Style Sheets. This sheet language is a building block of the World Wide Web. It is specifically used for the presentation of documents using HTML or other markup languages. Fonts, colors, layout and more are defined through CSS.

Our Experts Are Ready to Work for You

At Net Visibility Group, we do more than design pretty websites. Our web developers create customized websites from the ground up through database structures, code development and more. By doing so, we will deliver the impressive, functional website that you have in mind for your business. As your one-stop resource for comprehensive web development solutions at reasonable prices, our developers are eager to start working for you.

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