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SEO Web Hosting

Your website is your business’s virtual presence. It needs to be easy for your customers to find through effective search engine optimization strategies, and it needs to deliver a great user experience. Everything from the reliability of your hosting service to page load speed and more can impact that experience. With this in mind, you need to use the best web hosting service available.

At Net Visibility Group, we offer reliable hosting solutions that are proven, scalable and fast. From providing our valued clients with impenetrable security to our focus on solving problems effectively, we strive to help our clients optimize the full power of their online presence.

A Search-Friendly, Mobile-Friendly Website Customized for Your Business

Your business’s website needs to be well-designed for optimized performance on search engines, and it also needs to appeal to your customers. Our website designers have profound experience creating search-friendly and mobile-friendly websites for niches like gyms, restaurants, professional service providers and more. We will tailor our website to sell your products or services, educate your clients and accomplish other relevant goals. More than that, your website will be responsive across all devices and will accommodate the most up-to-date search engine algorithms.

High Redundancy and Availability

We support optimized uptime with the highest level of redundancy. We utilize multiple major carriers simultaneously as well as elite UPS tech, on-site generators and multiple power feeds to avoid disruptions.

Fast Connectivity & LowLatency

Because we partner with Google, our customers take advantage of their powerful, ultra-fast networks. We cover all bases to deliver speedy connectivity and high bandwidth, including the use of route optimization tech and internet backbone connectivity.

24/7 Server Monitoring to Rereact & Prevent

Our system administrators are hard at work monitoring our servers around the clock. In addition to our responsiveness to preventing and resolving issues, we utilize advanced monitoring technology that scans the server twice per second.

A Fast, Secure, Optimized Website That Delivers Results

Hostin Maintenance


Your website needs to perform well for your customers and for search engines. Through our effective maintenance services, we cover all of the bases. As part of our maintenance efforts, we:

  • Monitor and analyze your website’s infrastructure and links while providing live support
  • Regularly update plugins, themes, core website software and server software
  • Complete nightly bug fixes, redundancy backups and error checks
  • Offer spam and malware protection 24 hours a day
  • Address technical and non-technical concerns
Hosting Security


We take bold security steps to optimize your website’s performance. Our efforts begin with server security. Our dedicated admins regularly update our software, such as MySQL, PHP, Nginx OS and others. In addition to using the latest versions of these and other solutions, we routinely run each client’s website in a “jailed” environment. We also work to block attackers, malicious bots and other intrusions through the use of IDS/IPS systems. Our efforts also focus on website security, including maintaining firewalls that monitor for multiple login attempts, malicious code and other suspicious activities. Website updates for site themes, plugin modules and core software are completed regularly.

Hosting Optimization


Google shows a preference for websites that are mobile-friendly and that have fast response times. Our team at Net Visibility Group adopts a variety of proven technologies and strategies to promote superior rankings as well as a great user experience. Our optimization efforts include:

  • Using Dynamic Server Caching powered by NGINX to store full-page content for faster future loading speeds
  • Employing Memcache which stores objects and data in the server’s RAM to improve speed for page rendering, API calls and database calls
  • Using HTTPS which stores objects and data in the server’s RAM to improve speed for page rendering, API calls and database calls
  • Enhancing performance through PHP7 while compressing data size, images, JavaScript and CSS files through Brotli/gZIP
  • Optimizing Images via Photoshop and serving them through WebP to maintain quality while improving upload times

Learn How We Can Help You Optimize the Power of Your Website

At Net Visibility Group, we are the web hosting solution that businesses trust. From focusing on performance and reliability to security, cost and more, we cover all of the bases to deliver a consistently superior solution. To learn more about how we can get your website ranked well and improve your visitors’ experience, contact Net Visibility Group today.

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