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Review Management Services

When it comes to your online business, your reputation is everything. Unfortunately, managing your online reputation can be tough. Thankfully, you don’t have to do it alone. We offer review management services, which helps to safeguard your online reputation to ensure that customers feel safe when they purchase your goods or services.

Is Review Management Necessary?

The short answer is absolutely! According to a study by the University of Technology Sydney, consumers feel more comfortable buying from companies that have good online reputations. Likewise, they’re willing to pay more to buy from these companies and avoid dealing with websites that might have a less-than-stellar reputation.

Regardless if you’re a Fortune 500 company or a little mom-and-pop store, your online reputation matters. Maintaining a positive online reputation promotes brand awareness and encourages consumers to shop with you. Since online reviews influence Google search engine results pages, maintaining positive reviews can only improve your SERP rank.

How Does Review Managment Work?

You already know that review management is the practice of improving and safeguarding your business’s online reputation, but how does it work? Through review management, you ensure that search engines and online shoppers find information that paints your business in a positive light.

What does online review management involve? Every company has its own methods, but ours is an in-depth dive into your company’s online presence. Our review management services include:

  • Repairing online reputations.
  • Managing reputations.
  • Generating reviews.
  • Monitoring online reviews.
  • Reviewing marketing strategies.
  • Managing survey campaigns.
  • Growing social media followers.

Do You Know If Your Business Is Being Represented Fairly?

What’s the online reputation of your business? Tragically, most online businesses don’t. It’s a shame since statistics show that 90% of online shoppers read reviews before they make purchases. Over 60% of these consumers won’t buy from companies that censor reviews of their businesses. When products or brands have two-star reviews or less, they risk losing nearly 90% of prospective buyers.

Appeal to Prospective Buyers

Roughly 97% of consumers say business reviews influence their purchasing decisions. Review monitoring ensures that your positive business reviews shine through the negative.

Increase Positive Business Reviews

Most consumers don’t trust online bands that have no online reviews. We work hard to ensure that you have a steady flow of verified and honest online reviews.

Improve Customer Loyalty

Repeat business is roughly seven times cheaper than trying to generate new customers, which is why customer loyalty is important. Reputation management generates consumer trust and encourages repeat buying.

Attract Experienced Employees

People want to work for brands that they can trust. Online reputation management attracts not only customers but also better employees.

Boost Profits

Whether you have an online store or a brick-and-mortar business, review management can boost profits. A positive online reputation draws more customers who are willing to pay more for your goods and services.

Improve Search Engine Rankings

Good reviews play a role in your search engine rankings. In fact, online reviews make up nearly 15% of Google Local Pack rankings. More quality reviews mean more traffic and higher conversion rates for your landing pages.

You Can’t Afford Not to Have Review Management

The consequences of a poor online reputation are undeniable. Don’t let a few dissatisfied customers negatively impact your brand and your Google ranking.

When the reputation of your business is on the line, trust the team at Net Visibility Group. We’ll work hard to provide the review management solutions that you need.
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Poor review management can lead to:

  • Loss of revenue.
  • Diminished trust with consumers.
  • Lower SERP ranks.
  • Damaged brand reputation.
  • Increased marketing expenses.
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