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Understanding Local SEO

Local SEO consultants in Eugene are increasingly crucial, as now more than ever, people want information, and they want it fast. Using their computers and smartphones, individuals search for the best products in their areas. Search engines, such as Google, understand this desire for local information and often provide local shops that meet the searchers’ criteria at the top of the search results.

Local search engine optimization ensures that your business is not only listed in these results but also listed high in the results. The higher your search engine results page rank, the more exposure your business gains. In short, local SEO is a great way for businesses with physical locations to increase foot traffic and brand awareness.

How Does Local SEO Work?

The goal of local SEO is to increase your business’s visibility to potential customers in your specific geographical location. With the expertise of local SEO consultants in Eugene, your website can be optimized to rank at the forefront of local SERPs. The higher your website ranks, the more local exposure you gain, making your business a prominent choice for customers.

Why is local SEO so important? It goes beyond just increasing your visibility; it’s about providing potential customers with pertinent information about your business swiftly. Quick access to information is crucial, as studies show that customers often move on if they can’t find the details they want fast enough. Effective local SEO ensures that all the relevant information about your business is readily available, preventing potential customers from turning elsewhere.

Local SEO experts Eugene
Eugene local SEO advisors

The Map Pack

Local search engine results look much different from standard results pages. You’ve probably seen local search engine results in action. Typically referred to as the Map Pack or the Local Pack, these results are included with a Google Maps screenshot that shows the location of nearby businesses that meet the search criteria. 

This is where Name, Address, Phone Number citations come into play. Google uses NAPs to ensure that your business information is correct in the Map Pack. Of course, NAPs are only important if you get ranked high enough on local search engines to get into the Map Pack in the first place.

How Does Net Visibility Group Increase Your Local SERP Rank?

Are you ready for your business to be part of the Map Pack? Thankfully, Net Visibility Group can help. We use a tried-and-true combination of natural link-building and on-site SEO to provide high SERP rankings for your local business over the long term. We don’t just want to increase your local exposure. We want to drive highly targeted leads to your website. Let’s take a quick look at how we get this done.Increased Visibility With Local CitationsOptimization of Your Website

Local SEO Audit

Local SEO Audit

For each local SEO campaign that we undertake, our team performs a website audit. We check your indexed pages to look for any existing penalties that might be hurting your rank. Also, we provide a detailed report of what we find in the audit.

Keyword Research

Keyword Research

Boosting your local presence means being able to target potential clients. To do this, you need to know which keywords are right for your website. We do research to determine the best keywords, and then, we get your website ranked using those keywords.

Increased Visibility With Local Citations

Increased Visibility With Local Citations

Increasing your local SERP rank means increasing your traffic. We achieve this by boosting your visibility on sites that potential customers are already visiting, such as popular local blogs, authoritative business listings and local news sites.

Organic Links

Organic Links

We take our marketing services beyond just local SEO by generating organic links. This helps reach a specific targeted audience that goes well beyond local. It’s the perfect way to generate more revenue online, not just locally.

Content Creation

Content Creation

In the world of SEO, content is king. We create content for your website, such as news releases, blog posts and PDFs. This kind of content bolsters your SEO and attracts an even bigger local audience.

Optimization of Your Website

Optimization of Your Website

Optimizing your website makes it easier for search engine bots to crawl and index it. By adjusting the layout of your pages to make them easier to use and more authoritative, you can improve your local SERP rank.

Ready to Improve Your Local SEO?

Don’t wait any longer to identify and engage the targeted audience you desire. At Net Visibility Group, backed by our years of industry experience, our team of local SEO consultants in Eugene has crafted a proven methodology to amplify your website’s exposure. Begin your journey to improved local SEO by working with us today!

Local SEO consultants Eugene
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