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What is Ecommerce SEO?

You have products to sell online and customers to find. If your website is invisible to potential customers, or your competitor’s site is the first one they see, your company loses out on a sale. Ecommerce SEO changes this by improving how your website performs in search results.

We increase traffic by modifying your website, so shoppers easily find your products first and make a purchase. In addition, by pairing ecommerce SEO with conversion rate optimization, we help boost your revenue.

Ecommerce platforms include built-in features. Still, you need to know how ecommerce SEO works and have a strategy that produces the best results.

How Our Ecommerce SEO Works

At Net Visibility Group, we apply our depth of knowledge and understanding to use ecommerce SEO to your advantage. We deliver the results to make your online business brand succeed.

While other companies use a cookie-cutter approach, we complete a multi-step analysis of your online store. We take what we learn during the discovery process to build campaigns from scratch.

The SEO Project Planner

We begin planning with a site analysis and work with you to define your distinct business goals. This strategy session forms a basis for ideas to structure SEO campaigns.

We comb through your website to identify strengths and weaknesses through our range of SEO Audit Services and methodologies. Then, we apply the latest trends in SEO that offer the most benefit.

Website Quality Assessment

A full crawl of your website ensures every page and product listing functions flawlessly after launch. Data compiled from every URL on your site include:

  • Backlinks
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console
  • Keyword Rankings
  • XML Sitemap

Technical Site Analysis

Ecommerce SEO services go beyond using the right keywords. Viewing your website the same way search engines see it uncovers technical issues that decrease user experiences on the site. It also hampers how Google understands your site, which can lead to poor performance in search engine results.

Our SEO strategists review all points of website accessibility to uncover deeper insights into technical shortcomings.

Keyword Research

This critical phase identifies target keywords for each product category page. We use this in-depth analysis to determine the best keywords that drive qualified traffic to the product pages on your website.

Keyword selection is based on search volume, competition and relevancy to your business growth. We use inventory status, product price and profitability to prioritize keyword targeting.

Target Page & On-Page SEO

Once we identify the most important pages for Google rankings, we prepare On-Page SEO recommendations to ensure each page uses target keywords. Within our ecommerce SEO services package, each page receives:

  • Alt text recommendations
  • New optimized page title, H1, URL structure and a meta description
  • Schema Markup

New Keyword Discovery

The analysis process of our SEO Project Planner offers improved insight, so you understand your website’s performance compared to competitors. We monitor whether keywords outperform, lag or do not rank versus what happens on competitors’ websites.

In addition, this analysis helps you make informed decisions about expansion opportunities with products that potentially can produce a high search volume with minimum difficulty.

Existing Content Refresh

Recent algorithm changes on Google require well-written, natural-sounding copy that engages your customers to reach top search results. Through our in-depth analysis of articles, blogs and other website resources, we guide you on how best to repurpose or edit content with targeted keywords.

Content Strategy

Compelling content drives search engine results and improves customer engagement and conversion rate optimization. Our SEO team uses your unique keyword research to develop a monthly editorial calendar.

Topic selection is based on what has the best chance of increasing non-product page lead generation. For example, with a highly-ranked blog post or resource, your business gains brand recognition and builds an email list with viable leads for future sales.

Link Building

Our backlink analysis helps you identify link-building opportunities with trusted partners. External links are an effective off-page SEO strategy to boost page rankings and website credibility.

Ecommerce SEO services at Net Visibility Group involve link-building according to Google guidelines and what works best for individual clients. This ensures that Google does not mistake links for spam, which can hurt your website’s ranking in search results.

Net Visibility Group has SEO industry awards and proof of strong performance in acquiring links that represent our work’s quality.

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