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What is Remarketing?

Your business works hard to attract visitors to your website. Unfortunately, some of these visitors may leave before taking the next important step. They may abandon their shopping cart before completing a purchase, leave before signing up for a newsletter or fail to act in some other meaningful way. Remarketing, which is also known as retargeting, encourages those visitors to return to your website and pick up where they left off.

Visitors can click away from your website for many reasons. While some may have decided that your products or prices are not aligned with their goals, others may have still been shopping around, distracted by external factors or simply browsing. Regardless of the reason why a visitor clicked away, there is still an opportunity to bolster your bottom line and boost your conversion rate. This is because remarketing ads can bring these visitors back to your website.


How Remarketing Ads Work

Once a visitor clicks off of your website, we will use advanced technology to monitor their movement to other websites. We have hundreds of affiliated websites that they may visit. When they do, they will see a customized ad that encourages them to return. Retargeting ads display your business’s logo, an image of one of the products they were interested in and a tailored message. When they click the ad, they will be taken back to that specific product page.

We can customize retargeting ads so that they are most effective for your business. For example, an ad may display the last product the individual looked at or a montage of products that they viewed. If you are running a promotion at that time, the ad may encourage them to take advantage of the promotion while it is available.

Remarketing ads can result in substantially higher income generation. They can also increase your conversion rate and turn browsers into satisfied customers.


Retargeting Produces the Results Your Website Needs.

Did you know that the typical website only has a 2% conversion rate? This means that 98% of the typical website’s traffic remains untapped without retargeting efforts.

Audience Segmentation

Grouping together visitors who have taken similar actions or who have a shared intent enables you to create and display tailored ads to targeted audience segments.

Cross-Device Remarketing

Remarketing ads can reach your target audience on all of their connected devices, including tablets, smartphones, laptops and more.

Dynamic Creative Ads

Automated technology supports the creation of personalized ads that specifically cater to an individual visitor and has the potential to produce improved results.

The Benefits of Remarketing Ads

Increase Brand Exposure

Retargeting ads are creatively designed and strategically placed to produce a higher return on investment.

Reach the Right Audience

Your ads will specifically target website visitors who have a high likelihood of converting.

Improve Cost Effectiveness

Remarketing keeps your business and products in front of the customer to increase conversions and sales.

Remarketing Ads That Produce Results

Net Visibility Group, we have the knowledge and experience of our Media Services Organization, backed by Net Visibility Group, the industry’s most comprehensive and automated digital media platform.

At Net Visibility Group Technologies, our experienced digital marketers rely on both their deep industry knowledge and the use of the most advanced marketing technologies. Our team is ready to help you to optimize the power of your website through remarketing ads.

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