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Tip For New Business: How To Build A Website That Your Customers Will Trust

If you want a true reflection how your company is doing, check out the website.

The information presented is all that’s needed to influence customers’ decisions on whether or not to buy. The first impression is the best impression.

While engaging content plays a huge role in how customers react, it’s not the only thing you should rely on. Factors like usability, speed, and security can also determine how customers view your company’s website.


If you need more information, give us a call.  Net Visibility Group’s Web Development Team is ready to help you get the traffic you need.

The following actions will give you insight into how you can build trust with your customers:

  • Keep your website secure – If a business wants to earn a customer’s trust, they have to ensure safety. Customers want to know that a business is keeping its sensitive information safe and secure from prying eyes and hackers. It is important to be mindful of security features like an SSL certificate. This ensures that all data will remain private.
  • Keep track of pop-ups – While pop-ups can be good on some occasions, they can also be a nuisance. Too many pop-ups can jeopardize your website’s credibility. Google recommends using limited space and only using pop-ups that can be dismissed with ease.
  • Make things accessible – Keep things professional. Make sure all pertinent information like names, email addresses, phone numbers, and operation hours are readily available if you need to be contacted. Trustworthy businesses will be responsive if issues arise.
  • Let them see the fine print – Shoppers want to know their options up front. Don’t bury important information in places they can’t see. All policies should be posted so they are easily understandable in case an item needs to be returned.
  • Keep track of load times – No one likes a website that loads content slowly. If your pictures, slides, or videos are taking too long to load, check the performance with Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool. It will help your business get faster pages on all devices.
  • Only use original images – Copying and pasting images is not a good idea. Only use your own original images if you have some available. If you don’t have anything you own, you can purchase stock images online. Using images of yourself and your team is always a good idea because it also lends credibility to your site.
  • Keep things error free – Make sure you have a fresh set of eyes to go over your website to find potential typos. This is not a good look because it screams a lack of professionalism. A clean, error-free website will attract a lot of customers.
  • Show off your company’s different accreditations and awards. Chamber of Commerce, Medical Certifications, Best of Awards, Etc… Accreditation demonstrates to customers your business’s commitment to upholding ethical business practices, it’s important to let consumers know they can trust your team.

If you need more information, give us a call.  Net Visibility Group’s Web Development Team is ready to help you get the traffic you need.


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