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Does SEO Help Law Firms? Yes It Does – Here’s How

Search engine optimization (SEO) is well known to be effective for various business models. SEO is useful for restaurants, stores, and even IT enterprises since they rely on Google searches to bring in customers. Google is often the first stop for customers looking for local establishments.

SEO’s Positive impact on law firms’ online visibility

SEO is the most popular choice among legal firms looking to expand their client base. Brandmuscle conducted a study in 2022 which indicated that most law firms (79%) believe that SEO is the most efficient marketing strategy. It’s no secret that Google is the top source of organic traffic for local establishments of every kind.

Sixty percent or more of all internet traffic comes from local online search results.

Online searches account for 22.6% of website traffic and 46.5% of internet traffic, according to a survey of 500 locally based firms conducted by Milestone Research. Companies with a physical presence in the area saw the greatest gains in website visitors after using SEO strategies that focused on the region.

For law firms, 66% of call conversion originate from organic searches

According to research conducted by Ruler Analytics in 2021, most inbound calls in the legal industry originate from organic search. When calling an attorney’s office, organic search is the preferred method.

The majority of local companies’ online traffic comes from directories.

Sites like the Yellow Pages, Google My Business and Yelp can bring in a lot of customers for local businesses. Popularity-wise, Yelp is so ubiquitous that it appears in the top five results for 92% of Internet searches that include both a city and a business classification.


SEO’s Positive effects on legal practices

Legal practices can benefit from SEO, not just a higher Google ranking. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a powerful advertising tool since it can do much more than bring in more visitors; it can also enhance the user experience, boost lead creation, and garner positive customer feedback.

Local traffic generation

Potential customers are using platforms like Google to look for local law offices just like yours. If you want organic traffic, you need to think about Google, the most popular search engine. You may optimize your site rankings for the precise keywords consumers use to find legal services like yours online based on geography and area of practice with the help of search engine optimization (SEO). This will increase your site’s ranking in online search results and offer you an advantage over similar sites.

Sales leads and increased phone calls

The Google Map Pack is a section of Google’s search results that lists local businesses along with their contact information (address, phone number, etc.). It’s an ideal location for drawing customers in and getting phone calls. Having a prominent position on Google Maps increases the number of calls and sales your business receives

Evaluations from satisfied customers that are positive

By boosting the exposure of your legal firm, SEO makes it less of a problem for satisfied clients to offer positive comments. Using search engine optimization (SEO), you may get your good reviews seen by more people and attract more clients. Clients’ judgments between you and a rival often come down to what others say about you online.

A more satisfying online experience

Visitors to your site will enjoy a positive experience that is engaging and accessible across devices thanks to the technical foundations of SEO. SEO may help you improve the user experience, which is essential if you want to draw in more clients.

Activity on social media and in email

Investing in website optimization will make it simpler for potential clients to locate your legal firm online. Visitors can arrive at your website after discovering it through a variety of online channels, such as blogs, email newsletters or social media. Your website has the potential to become a destination for these visitors. You will be able to get brand new leads for your business if you divert visitors coming from other sources. This will provide your organization more exposure.


SEO is essential for law firms that want to be found in Google’s search results. With our expertise in SEO for businesses, we can assist you in expanding your law firm’s client base.


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