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New Google Features: Search, Maps, Shopping And More

Google will now have multisearch for food, AR beauty and shoes, Google Lens translation, Live view searches in real-time view and more.

Google has launched a ton of new search functionality that will apply to Google Lens, Google Search, Maps, and Shopping. These new features will improve search capabilities for users in a more efficient way and will impact Google Leons, Multisearch, Google Maps and Google Shopping. The news of these enhancements was also broadcast during the Search On conference.

Find food through Multisearch

Ever come across a dish that you just gotta have? It’s possible to now take a picture of the dish using Google Lens and search for it by typing “near me” through Google Multisearch. This will result in Google displaying a list of restaurants where you can order the meal from their menu.

Not only will Google return results of nearby restaurants where the dish is served, but it will also provide information on cost, ingredients, and other menu details. This feature will also launch today in English via U.S. mobile. It will also be available in the Google app on iOS and Android.

Google Lens translate is getting a huge update

Google Lens will get an upgrade with to its augmented-related translate feature. Users will be able to translate text with a background image on the subject of the text. Google will display the text and generate pixels behind the scene using an AI-created background. The text will then display in front of the image. For example, if you are translating a description of a beach in Cancun, Google Lens will display a beach in the background.

Google is GAN (generative adversarial networks) model to improve the translation of text. Google uses a similar technology for Pixel devices known as “Magix Eraser.” This will roll out later in the year, prior to the end of 2022.

Google Shop AR Shoes

Shop for shoes with Google Shopping using AR (augmented reality). This feature enables you to zoom in, and rotate the shoes and even allows you to view the shoes in your own space. This will work with brands such as VANS, Saucony, and Merrell. It will launch in the U.S. today according to Google.


Shop for AR Beauty through Google

The AR function has expanded to include beauty products and allows users to see the product on different models with various skin tones, facial features, and shapes. Google even features a new photo gallery with 150 diverse models from all types of backgrounds representing various ages, skin tones, nationalities, and skin type to help you choose the best product. It will even accurately test more than 2,000 shades of foundation from a wide range of brands. It will be rolled out in the U.S. today.


Google Maps Search in Live View

Explore your neighborhood or other places with Google App’s AR. You’ll be able to click on the camera feature and view an overview of venues nearby in real time. You’ll be able to see restaurants, banks, grocery stores, etc. while getting a street view in the app.

Google has been presenting this enhancement for some time. Beginning next week, this upgrade will launch in Los Angeles, London, Paris, New York, San Francisco, and Tokyo.

Google Maps Launches Ev Charging Filters And Access To Wheelchairs

Google is helping with wheelchair access by enabling the feature to filter Google Maps to locate charging stations containing fast-charging plugs or stations adaptable to your EV. This will display CSS and CHAdeMo charges that do 350kW or 50Kw, plus Google may show if they are available. This will be released globally on iOS and Android wherever EV charging stations are located. In addition, Google turned on filtering for Google Maps. If a venue has access to wheelchairs then Google will display the wheelchair symbol on Google Maps.

Why it matters

If you or your customers are interested in these features and can help your business, you would likely get more benefits from Google Search. These new enhancements are not only fun, but also very useful and impressive.


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